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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anong petsa nah!!!!!!!!

You can say it in that oh-so-impatient tone or any other tone you like but  I just thought it was appropriate for this blog. Anyway, i may have shared with a few people that after the 8-8-8 phenomenon of people wanting to get married on that date, i became obsessed with getting married on a day that looks interesting on paper

8-9-10- august 9 2010
9-10-11 september 10, 2011
11-11-11- november 11 2011
11-11-11 was the leading contender since it fell on the ber months(malamig) and it was composed of one number lang. However, meio felt we wouldnt be ready by then so i had to come up with alternate ones which are

2-12-12- feb 12, 2012
1-21-12 january 21, 2012
4-8-12-april 8 2012

among these three, the leading contender was feb12 2012 but I realized logistic problems
-It was so close to Valentines day so traffic, buying flowers and booking other suppliers would be a nightmare
-My dad is an OFW so going home in February is a bit of a hassle and waste of leave

So Meio and I had a conversation on the phone and I was getting quite frustrated because I had been set on that date before I realized the problems. He suggested that we get married in June which I totally disliked because it was so cliche abroad but is not applicable to the Philippine climate(malaking chance na bagyuhin kami) and he suggested April na ayoko na naman dahil April na ang birthday ko...He just gave up on me and we hung up.
As I was about to sleep(baka panaginip na dahil epiphany.haha), i realized something. Our birthdays are 6 days apart. If March 29 would be the start of a week, April 4 would be the end of it.
March 29=day 1
April 4=day 7
If our birthdays start and end a week, in the middle of it would be April 1....and though April 1 obviously falls on April, i couldnt care less because of the symbolism

Our marriage should be the center of our relationship, we should think about each other before we think about ourselves.
When one becomes self-centered, we must find ways to find common ground
It'll be one week of partey! partey! every year :D
If we're strapped for cash, we can just hold one celebration which will cover all three

4-1-12 doesn't sound as good as 2-12-12 but I'd settle for this date which can mean much more after a closer look.

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