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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A skip in my step. Love is bliss♥

In a previous blog, I mentioned that the venue is one of the most crucial decisions couples  must make for their wedding day. It + the food takes the biggest chunk of the wedding and it is the one that leaves the lasting impression on the guests. Hence it is also the hardest one to find with all the things the couple has to consider- the location, how to get there, seating capacity, price, supplier's feedback, promos and etc.

I have been trying so hard to find a venue that fitted my requirements but I wanted to give up because i have been googling and googling and googling for ages to no avail, all I ever saw were suppliers that we could never afford: like Oasis, Light of Love, Glass Garden, Fernwood, and Solea. Patio Ibarra was a close contender but their packages didnt include tax so if you add it up, it wouldnt be so cheap after all.

But on that fateful day, january 6, I came across THE VILLAGE PATIO..I tried varied keywords but I couldnt find it but after a few tries here and there, voila! I found the website. Oh, such bridal heaven for me.

it fitted most if not all of my requirements.

1) It is in Quezon City, and of all places, Sikatuna! Sikatuna is so close to my heart because of my previous job which, can be a completely different blog.
2) It is near Twin Hearts! Twin Hearts is technically the Parish of Sacred Hearts of jesus and mary but people like to call it as Twin Hearts. I've been eyeing this church and this is actually the reason why we originally wanted patio ibarra but the Village Patio is much better because of certain things.
3) The price- but of course, this is quite the deciding factor. The venues mentioned above are pretty for sure but there's no point asking if we cant afford them. Village patio, on the other hand asks for venue fee below 10,000k if you get their in-house caterer, tarlaquena
4) Everything else- The place looks so pretty and it's not too small either. the website says they can accommodate 250 but I think we'll be able to squeeze more guests here and there...

But enough of the blah-blah!..time to show to you what I'm talking about!

They have tiffany chairs!!!!! Can it get any better??

Who'd pass to salad if it looks like this?

Such a nice presentation for a classic

I'm a sucker for blue :)

Simple yet elegant table arrangement

Now that you've seen the photos, do you beg to disagree? Hay, really want it to be the Village Patio..keep your fingers(and even toes) crossed. haha...Hope the "elders" and everything else falls into place :)

Update as of February 14,2011

Happy hearts day y'all! ♥ My friend and I passed by the Village Patio last night and I think, there's a 90% chance that we're getting them.. There was a wedding going on and I was able to see a glimpse of the interior for the first time..chills! We're actually considering another one in Novaliches but instinct just tells me to go with the village patio, especially now that more comments and feedbacks are cropping up on Google... so, so happy ☺

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