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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

screeching, screaming, giggling and posing in my head.

I came across a website approximately two weeks ago of a very unique photographer. most professional photogs charge as much as 50,000 for photography packages alone but his rates and his selling point were very very different. He only charges 15,000 for "services" only, meaning no print outs including the prenup na. omg to the maximun levelacious..What's more, he has tie-ups with videographers who offer similar very affordable packages.

The catch? I was so, so stupid(until tonight I was convinced I am a border line imbecile person.haha) that I didnt bookmark his page thinking I'd remember him so easily because he was such a catch, and that I can easily find him because of his rates and FAQs that stuck to my head. For the past 14 or so days, I have been trying to look for the website again and again and again but no matter what keyword I type, google couldnt help me.
I tried:
3 photographers, services only
3 photographers, 15,000
can you copy the work of other photographers
can you copy the work of other photographers, aray!
all= epic FAIL.
but today, i tried to be as lengthy as possible so I typed:

Can you copy the work of other photographers, aray faq and voila! i found it!
faq was the magic acronym missing in my previous searches pala .buwahaha.I really wanted to laugh out loud like a lunatic.haha. that's how ecstatic i was about him...
look at his work on www.rockinphotographer.com and you'll see why ^^

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