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Saturday, February 26, 2011

jewelry 101

I have covered the venue, a bit of the church, gowns, and photography. The next thing that comes to mind are the rings, because after all the guests are gone, a few days after the wedding, it is the first reminder that you are not single anymore, and probably the only other reminder(aside from the photos) 10 years or so into the marriage. I did a short blog about silver rings a few months back and here's the follow-up to that

Before H2B and i started getting into the details, I have already been eyeing silver rings. White Gold are a fad anyway and honestly, I dont see the difference between white gold and silver, and I only do so after a very very close and very very long inspection ^^
Second, we have a car but we still commute at times and I just dont like the idea of flashing expensive jewelry on a daily basis
Third, we are mountaineers and I can just imagine the horror on my face if my beloved wedding band falls on mud and or becomes impossible to retrieve at a ravine

So..I have been eyeing silver wedding bands at Filigrenasia. But just recently, they closed their store in SM Fairview, the closest one to us and imagine my horror when I kept looking and looking for it throughout the mall but it was nowhere to be found. Much to my dismay, i looked at the other silver jewelry at the mall but they were too ordinary, too common or too cheap. Pardon my bluntness but though I am frugal and borderline cheapster(haha), I'd want my wedding ring to be at least 1,000 and up.

Today was another lucky day, however. Googling here and there led me to a jewelry maker in meycauyan which opened a whole new world to me regarding jewelry

It doesnt hurt to learn something new and here are a few things, at least in the field of wedding rings that I learned today

1. Silver can actually be plated! i thought silver was only mixed with alloys to make it harder but you can actually plate it with gold hence if it is paired or plated with yellow gold, it would look very similar to two toned white and yellow gold rings
2. 10k jewelry is still much more expensive than silver but at least we can afford them, and we now have a second option.

Okay, those are just two things but this opens up a whole new world of possibilities for us..
Some ring designs that i liked:

I have a thing for rings with stones but not too many ^_^

Sapphire and diamond...
Case in point: Can u guess if this is silver or white gold?

We might make a trip to Meycauyan one of these days.. :D

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