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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

wear this ring as a sign of my love..

I said we'd buy rings a few weeks before the wedding but Meio's been dropping hints that he's having a hard time buying the engagement ring cause he has no idea what I want..So last night, nag-aya ako sa Prestige..
Prestige goes by a different name in person, probably because prestige sounds much better that's why they use it online..

They have numerous designs that we like(based on pictures) and so we were excited to see the rings in person...
They're very affordable too..around 1,300-2,000 for silver pairs(which we prefer) and high quality naman..so off we went to Meycauyan

We went there via NLEX so we came from Meycauyan exit and we saw their shop(accurate naman ang map). I parked a few meters from there and we walked to their shop. When we got there, we saw rows upon rows and boxes upon boxes of coded items. Upon close inspection, we realized that they were just plastic..which we later learned were called casting...

Sobrang naloka ako kasi kaya nga kami dumayo(the operative word being dayo dahil galing pa ako ng qc at si meio ng taguig) para ifit ang rings and to see them in person and all we would see are castings??
Hindi matanggap ng kalooban ko kaya sabi ko kay h2b, magtingin tingin pa kami sa iba..we decided to go farther to the valenzuela side and we were happy to see many shops that showed greater potential....

We were looking for Ancon pero we came across this other shop called Acero and there was another couple who were also buying rings. I came closer and asked how much a pair is..*00 daw...So I fitted, and fitted and fitted and fitted and liked 3 of them..My favorite one had zirconia stones on half of the ring and it made my finger much sexier.kaso hindi masyadong pasado kay h2b. He liked another one with 3 stones cast diagonally and we almost got it but it didnt feel quite right kasi ang pangit sa finger ko.. I know there's a great chance I might loose the ring in the future but at the very least, I'd like to wear a ring that I actually like..

So we settled with the last one and I was feeling goosebumps habang nagbabayad kami..Akala ko kasi magdadown lang kami today and after a week or so pa namin makukuha pero hindi daw, makukuha na daw namin today...Kaloka!  *&Y)**()@#$%! totoo na to, magaasawa nako.. I was having panic attacks and I looked at Meio and he was so calm and cool and nakangiti lang kasi nakailang palit nako ng isip and I relaxed...Mag-aasawa na kami! YEY! So they asked for our sizes, the names and worked on the rings..

We waited for like 15 minutes and they polished a new pair and we fitted them again..Then the lady went to the other branch to have the engravings done..She came back after another 15 minutes and there they are, our wedding rings..Like I said, we might lose them at some point or they might get damaged, tarnished, whatever..but nothing beats that moment when u see them for the first time..felt like I gave birth. haha

Here they are...
BTW, I checked sa sm and these babies are worth double and they dont even use 92.5 except for IBAY's and Silverworks..and no offense but Silverworks are way too common. Sa SM fairview palang 4 na branches nila. not 1, not 2, not 3...4!!!!!!!!!! Ilang daang couples ang makakapareho namin?

*btw, we bought from acero jewelry store... :)

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Arnold and April said...

erratum..polished... wink wink ** love love the rings

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