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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheesier, More Sentimental and Cheaper

sweetsimplejoys.com states that diy projects must be economical, not too hard and practical- in short, personalized pero hindi ka naman duguan at the end of the day. haha.. based on this principle, here is a list of diy projects I have in mind

1) save the date cards- fiance is a "techie" guy so why pay for such things when I can bully him into making them? the operative word being "bully'. harhar
seriously, we can just change the text and use this very card!

2) fans-we'll be getting married summer next year and imagine the sweat our guests would accumulate if we do decide on a non-aircon church and venue
thanks google for all these photos...
3) wedding cord- considering my klutzy nature, I'm a bit skeptical to do this myself but rest assured that ours will be personalized
this isnt exactly what i have in mind but its the closes I can find :D
4) embellishments on the ring pillow- well, not limited to but I prefer it to be personalized yet classy. :)

We also plan on doing invites ourselves kaso saka nako magpopost kapag may lay out na. The pictures give you a pretty close view of what the motif would be...
tah-tah.till our next encounter online diary!  

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