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Monday, April 18, 2011

Baka sakaling makalusot- another venue + church combo in Makati Area

In a previous post, I have expressed my excitement and almost sure desire to book Village Patio in Sikatuna as our wedding venue. However, as much as I want to and no matter how enchanting the place is, it still poses concerns to me, the queen of cheapster-blogging brides of 2012.

1) The website says it can only accommodate a max of 250 guests. We target around 250 guests and if more turn up, we dont have a contigency plan
2) The wedding will most probably be between March 29-April 4 hence it will we sweaty sweaty hot for the guests
3) Moolah. The Village Patio is one of the cheapest suppliers you can find for its kind but for 250-300 guests, 4++ a head can still create a hole on one's pockets.

Based on these facts, I was "forced"(kala mo inaapi) to find another church and venue combo and luckily, we were able to come up with one in Makati.

Let me present to you... Makati Parks and Garden and Saint Michael Archangel in Taguig.
for this entry, i will use pictures from the net so that I can use my own shots if we do decide to book this combo
Here's the church

nalunod nako sa tiffany chairs..haha..their setup from the actual venue...

Since I have posted the cons why we might not get Village Patio based on the cons, here are the pros to this combo

1) Both places are airconditioned! for the prices(which i have yet to verify if they are updated), they are steals. The church's rate is below 10k while Makati Parks and Garden Artist Pavillion is rented out at 4 figures for Makati residents and 1+,+++ for Non-Makati residents.

2)Quidos Catering is a usual caterer in makati parks and they are the caterer that we eye for this venue(Village Patio charges a different rate for outside caterers which makes it impractical to get another one) and they include the cake and tiffany chairs for free!

I can add many other blah-blah-blah statements which are true nonetheless but basically, it's just the tiffany chairs and aircon that I'm after.
I've googled for months and know that most aircon venues and churches charge way much more than these two
Some caterers/suppliers ask for 80-100 tops per tiffany chair and I've given up on having them (because than would be around 25-30k for our guests) but I can actually have them for FREE! serious heart attack :)

tah-tah.. can somebody please teach me how to make a signature? want one eh :)
**update after 8 or so hours..ayan, meron nako!

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