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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Atulayan Island, Camarines Sur

I visited this beautiful place 5 years ago when Typhoon Bebeng was setting in motion in Bicol. 
Dark Clouds Looming otw to the island

Then boyfriend said he was scared that we would be trapped in the island because of the storm. Me, on the other hand couldn't get over how beautiful it was, even if the rain was lashing at our boat. I thought that if it was that beautiful on a stormy day, it would be twice as beautiful on a sunny day. So I promised myself I'd come back when the time is right.

It was drizzling throughout our stay but the beach was calm and picturesque

And come back we did! After attending a wedding, we headed to the island on May 29. I was right! The water was soooooo much more inviting! There were a lot of people yet it wasn't crowded, still perfect for an afternoon getaway. We had so much fun and my toddler who's such a water baby wasted no time in Swimming! 
Hubby's Panoramic Shot of Colacho Cove

Hi Beautiful!
Nognog na sha agad!

If you want to visit the place as well, here's a rough guide:

Directions via private car

From Naga, take the route heading to Legaspi. Bypass the town of Pili and turn left to the road heading towards Ocampo (the same one you take heading to Caramoan)

Pass through the towns of Ocampo and Tigaon and a few meters after the town proper of Tigaon, you will see a marker to turn right going to Sagnay/Sangay. Take that road and after 5-10 minutes, you will be in the town proper of Sagnay. 
Church in Sangay. It reminded me of the Paoay Church in Ilocos

Turn left when you see the multi-level market. The church will be to your left.
After 5-10 minutes, you will be in Brgy Nato.
Turn right and ask for directions for the Brgy Hall. The hall is part of the port complex itself.

View from the Brgy Hall
You will make boat arrangements there and the cost depends on your group size, which also determines the boat size. Our round trip boat transfer costed 1,100 php for our group of 4 adults and 1 kid, though we were told it was good for 7 pax.  The boat ride lasts about 30 mins before you reach the Colacho Cove (on the right side of the island). 

Total Travel time one way is approximately 1.5 hrs from Naga, depending on traffic.


1. Buy your supplies from Pili or Naga because there are a few options in Sagnay.

2. There are technically 4 beaches in Atulayan- the first area you see as you approach the island, Colacho Cove and 2 more. The first one fronts the sea so water gets deep within a meter and the area is the front yard of fishermen. No one swims here. The 2nd is Colacho Cove, the one where bangkeros will bring you by default. This is the one I visited twice. I dont have information about the other two.

3. There is a sari-sari store in Atulayan where you can buy basic supplies and ask them to cook rice for you but they dont sell meals

4. There are technically three "resorts" though we didnt see actually rooms, just huts. They cost 750-850 for daytrip, depending on the size, but you can haggle.

5. Bring snorkeling gear and goggles. If you're a good swimmer, you can see random fish a few meters from shore.

6. You can stay overnight at the beach though we have been told the electricity has a schedule so it may only be available for a few hours at night. Not sure also if lodging options (other than your own tents) are available

7. The washrooms in the Brgy Hall are much, much better  and cleaner than the one in Atulayan though they only have 1 for male, 1 for female. If you're a small group, you can take turns washing up there or like us, just change clothes in Brgy Nato and wash up in Naga.
8. The water in Colacho Cove is very calm and perfect for lying on those ring floaties so bring as many as you like.

9. The bangkeros  are on time, so give them the exact time you want them to pick you up. 

10. This is a laid back, secluded beach and no real maintenance peeps. So please, please, pretty please, CLEAN AS YOU GO AND DONT LITTER.

Cheers and enjoy!

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