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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Reese's under the sea party at three

Given that Reese is an only child, I feel guilty not holding a birthday party for him. Adding the fact that my parents and my husband's parents live on both ends of the Metro, we held two simple parties last year and I felt like we could have made it better with one bigger party. So that's what we did this year and given that he is such a water baby, I wanted the theme to be under the sea. Here's a round down of supplies and other stuff we used for the party.

Jellyfish and Backdrop Decor: DIY, Labor of Love with my sisters

Technically, I only spent about 200php for all the materials for the backdrop but it was so laborious and time consuming!! The jellyfish took the most time, as we spent about three weekends, 4 hours each, just twisting the tentacles for the bodies and completing multiple cartoon marathons in the process. We were able to make 12 in total. 

Jellyfish: The body is a half moon colored paper while the tentacles are crepe paper. Cant find the tutorial we used, but basically, you have to cut the crepe paper into 2-inch thick strands, twist it every inch or so and the length and number of tentacles per jellyfish depends on you. 

"Waves" : They're cut out japanese paper though we made them way too early so some were crumpled on the day but still, I think they were nice :)
Credits to kara'spartyideas.com where we got the inspiration :) 

Please check out the full post on:

Name and # 3: I cut out the letters from carton and used 1-inch colored paper squares. It looked okay but they were freakin' heavy for the curtain and after a few minutes, the last "E" kept falling, so note to self, think of something else.


Star Balloons: 80php/dozen, Divisoria (No sticks, not blown)

We have a suki stall in 168 mall, somewhere between Sta Elena and Soler wing, on the 2nd floor, though I'm bad with directions I cant exactly tell you where it is. Hahahaha. Anyway, that shop has two stalls facing each other and they have most party supplies you can think of- from this type of balloons, to other shapes, to paper lanterns, to lootbag items, to baptism souvenirs so I suggest you check it out if you're hosting a party and looking for multiple supplies.

We used supposed choco sticks to prop the balloons and my son loved them so much, he broke about 2 balloons even before the birthday from too much playing. Hehehehe

Brownies Tower:
Divisoria- 12php candle, 35php pack of plates, 35 peso pack of toothpicks and liners
Cafe Mary Grace: 300 for 16 pieces of brownies
Goldilocks: 207 for 25-pc brownie pack
Tower: Bought in 2015 in Dapitan Arcade, 600

Not bad for 800 php, right?

Story: I didnt want to avail the usual fondant cake as the cheapest ones are 1k and up, only to serve as display on the event. I originally wanted donuts but they proved trickier to arrange so we ended up with brownies.

* I cut a 9 piece square from the Mary Grace brownies to serve as the "main cake" and stuck 
toothpicks and the candle to it
* I transferred the Goldilocks brownies to the liners to give them an oomph....and hubby's cousin
even asked me where I ordered them. Hahahahaha
*Later on, we ran out of liners and I cut the paper plates to make them smaller and used them to hold the brownies.

Pencil Case Lootbags

Pencil Case: 72/dozen, Divisoria(Juan Luna St)
Key Chain: 36/dozen, Divisoria(Juan Luna St)
Stickers: 40/pack, National Bookstore
Assorted Candies and Choco: Grocery
Total Cost per pencil case: about 30 php

Story: I was appalled at the prices of lootbags, some as expensive as 20 php(so I need to spend about 50php for the contents to do justice to a 20php paper bag????), and some though at 2php each, looked like glorified sando bags(bit snotty but just being honest). Good thing I came across these pencil cases and asked hubby to make monograms- one side sea animals and one side reese at 3 and filled them with candies. :)

so cute!!!

Including the pool, I spent about 10k plus a few things that my mom, sister and my sister-in-law shouldered, so we spent about 13k, and seeing Reese so happy made it worth it... though it might take time for me to consider hosting another party like this.. hahahaha

If Reese is happy, Mama's happy too! :)

Bye and till the next post!

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