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Monday, May 2, 2011

Every Day is a new day!-My Checklist 11 months before the wedding

How time flies! It has been 2 weeks since I put the countdown to the wedding and seriously, all I've accomplished from then till now is:
-h2b and I have talked to Dad
-I've got leaflets of the churches
-occulars of the back-up venue and church
-initial occular and meeting with the caterer venue

Well, come to think of it, that's actually a lot..haha, However, it's already May and 11 months nalang to go! My mom, who seems oh-so-proud of the fact that she was able to accomplish her wedding preps in 2 weeks will raise her eyebrows, but in today's time wherein there are a gazillion things to do, I hope we will be able to accomplish many things this month in terms of wedding preps..I do have a list and timeline and for those who might be interested, here are things that I hope to accomplish this May, 11 MONTHS BEFORE THE WEDDING

1.The Pamamanhikan- I've heard of some couples doing the pamamanhikan at a much later time, wherein it was just a formality and the date, venue and church have been set by the couple and they just inform them of the details. We, however, want to include our parents in the decision making of these 3.

2.Oculars before Reservations
I've familiarized myself with the target churches and venues but it's still different to actually be there for the purpose of doing an inspection, taking notes and asking questions. I have an appointment tomorrow at Village Patio and I'm hoping to do another one in Makati Parks and Garden plus St Michael Archangel.

3.Downpayment and Reservations-Money always makes things more real. haha. I hope that after the Pamamanhikan, we'd be able to finalize things and dent our pocket to make the reservations for the church and the venue. BTW, most churches require a 50% dp while venues require 10,000 and up reservation.

There there..come june, I'll have another set of goals and Hope all goes well in our checklist

P.S. H2B says he'll agree to anything so I dont need to consult him, I just need to bring him along for the food tastings.Should I be glad or pissed that he doesnt like to be involved? hehe
Tah-Tah.. Happy Preps 2011 and 2012 brides!

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