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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Goodbye Bridezilla and Hello Practical me!

Many changes have happened regarding our plans and hence many many updates regarding our planning!

1. We decided to limit our guest list to 150, 170 tops. Price per pax that is within our budget, which ranges from 400-500 and with my initial list of 250 and more it can seriously make a dent in our pocket. After much consideration, we thought that it would be best to just invite a few people to the reception and invite the rest to a post wedding celeb in our house.

2. I have always set my heart on Village Patio but options have cropped up and now, we might go for Quidos catering + a venue where they have been to before, so that they can help us regarding the choosing process..

Even prior to the pamamanhikan dami nang pagbabago so I pondered on the wedding preps..I thought I'd be an OC bride..and I believe that I still am and yet..I asked myself a few questions and here are now some guidelines I follow/ask myself each time I/We deal with wedding details.

1.Go for freebies. I've been browsing and looking around for cake designs and prices but many caterers, including our target Quidos catering include cake in their package. It's not top of the line and only the bottom layer is edible, but still, it's free. The cake itself might only be worth 3k tops, but premier cake designers ask for 8k-15k depending on the design. I know its well worth it, but I'd still prefer to save 10,000 pesos or more than to have an extravagant cake...

Which brings me to my next point...

2. Does it really mean a lot to you?
I was chitchatting with an acquaintance today and out of all the expenses for their wedding, she is more willing to shell out money for their wedding rings than anything else. I would love to have a 21k gold wedding ring embellished with diamonds...but comes a budget tricky situation, I would forego it so that we can afford a nice photo and video package..which for me, is more important than the bands we will wear. My main point then is, go for something expensive/pricey if it means a lot to you and forego nice to haves that are impractical or can be replaced by better alternatives.


3. Set your priorities straight and check how many splurges and nice to have items you have. You might say that the rings are really important to us. And the p/v supplier. and the caterer. and the gown. and the photobooth...and the list goes on. At a first glance, everything might seem necessary but think very very hard about it. For example, I was initially keen on getting the HMUA of a highschool batchmate because he worked well. But then, his services cost 5 figures for me alone and it didnt seem worth it next to the fact that we only spend 4 figures on our rings.

Last, be realistic.

4. I remember a friend telling me that they just set their budget to 200k. But then they chose an expensive venue in pasig. Got diamong white gold rings. invited 200 people. got wedding coordinators, and so on. I believe that the process should be the other way around- list all possible expenses first, canvass for prices, then make amends here and there to make it fit the budget and not the other way around- setting a budget first only to realize its impossible is kinda wrong. For example, for us, our current budget is around 250k, which at the moment does not accommodate budget for OTD so I'm not yet sure about that...but if our pockets permit,,we might just get one...

Hope this helps future brides and grooms..Happy preps!


christine.rosas said...

Hi Sis! I'm also getting married na in February, I'm from Pasig, for our wedding will only cost around 150K+, there are a lot of suppliers out there na sobrang mura din. All you need to do is to canvass tlaga everywhere. Kasi in my case OC din ako pero I make a point na ndi pwedeng lumampas sa budget namin ung isang MUST HAVE namin :) happy supplier hunting.

Arnold and April said...

Thanks sis Christine! Naku sis, patience talaga in finding the perfect suppliers na affordable..San wedding nyo? Sta Clara + Tanghalang Pasigueno kami :)
Happy preps to us!

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