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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

where to? where to? where to?

I thought 1 year and a half into blogging, googling here and there was considered the workings of an OC OC kinda overly eager bride. I thought it was enough, I thought my research was extensive compared to others and I thought I've read one too many blogs, forums and boards to last me a lifetime.. Boy, I was wrong..so far, here's our journey to finding that perfect church and venue combo..

-We attended a food tasting at a venue here in Fairview, but it was too expensive for us so we didnt bother calling them up again.
-I searched and searched and searched and came upon Village Patio.Sad to say however, that though we were expecting discounts and kinda a better first meeting and occular, it didnt go as well as planned so we had to keep it in a shelf as an alternate option only
-I stumbled upon quidos catering and looked for some of the venues that they usually catered to.
1.Pinaglabanan Church- It is accessible from both Ortigas and Aurora, but the church was kinda hot for my taste so h2b and I scheduled another occular in...
2.Sta Clara De Montefalc0 and Tanghalang Pasigueno- the biggest disappointment so far. both places were extremely beautiful and our guests would go gaga for sure..aside from the fact that they'd go gaga looking for them too. Though we were able to find both, it took us a few lucky turns, instinct and stops to ask for direction....such a downer.hayst..
3. Makati Parks and Garden- I originally wanted this but after seeing the hall in Sta Clara and Patio Ibarra, my heart wasnt in it anymore.besides, the terrible experience with the rude soldier in St Michael Archangel in taguig made me cross out this option entirely....

The Sta Clara trip happened only today and I was so blue that I suddenly decided to drop by Patio Ibarra in Quezon Avenue..At first glance, the rate was more expensive..but looking closely, it was actually at par with Quidos- after adding up additional charges..So this leads us to another scouting for a church near it.

A few visits here and there and I'm already weary of the process..
As of now, we have two options
1. Pinaglabanan + their hall + quidos or madel's catering
2. Patio Ibarra plus a few churches that we'll visit on friday.

tah-tah future brides..best of luck to us!

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